Tending Your Goals

Here’s Your Sign!
February 3, 2017
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March 22, 2017
Here’s Your Sign!
February 3, 2017
Coaching Quotes
March 22, 2017

Gardening is one of my favorite pastimes. There’s immense satisfaction planting seeds, giving them water and light, and watching them sprout, grow and flourish. Yet gardening requires frequent weeding to give space and energy to the flowers, herbs and vegetables. Left unchecked, weeds will take over and destroy the beautiful garden.

Goals are like a garden. They require tending to so you can live a full, enriching life.

Are you planting seeds? Or letting weeds take over?

What do you need for your life to flourish? Consider these 5 steps:

1. Write down your goals

Big goals. Small goals. Immediate goals. Long term goals. Crazy, pie-in-the-sky goals. Write them all down.

2. Prioritize your goals

Number them in order of importance. What’s most important to accomplish now?  For long-term goals, what steps can you take today that will put you on the path?

3. Review your list of goals

What stands out?

To help you clarify the importance and meaning of your goals, consider this:  If you had five years to live, which goals would you regret not pursuing? One year to live? Three months?

4. Create a simple action plan

Plan – What steps can you take now to put your goals within reach?

Anticipate – What barriers might get in the way?

Success – How will you know you’ve reached your goals?

5. Accountability

What do you need to move forward — Post your list on the refrigerator? Tell a friend? Share with your coach? Inevitably, the best laid plans can go off track. That’s life. What will keep your momentum going?

Gardens are a labor of love. So are goals.  Put your time and energy towards accomplishing your dreams. Goals will grow when you bring them into the light. Just remember to weed.


Coaching question

What goals do you have that are begging for light and air?



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